Find your career direction, identify pathways to your goals and develop the skills and education you’ll need!

Indigenous Employment Services provide support for people looking for jobs. You may be able to take part in WorkBC Employment Services and programs from Indigenous organizations at the same time if the services don’t overlap. Call or visit your local Indigenous Career Board Centre.

Use Indigenous Career Board Job Search to search thousands of job postings throughout B.C. by industry, salary, region and more.

Check out programs that are available to expand your work experience and skills:

  • Indigenous Youth Internship Program – Build your professional and leadership skills while you experience a career in government.
  • Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program (ISET) – Learn about work experience, skills training and access to high-demand jobs. Find a service provider in B.C.
  • Skills Training for Employment – Young Adults General – Check out a program that offers skills training and employment support. Overcome barriers to employment through, for example, counselling, mentoring, child care, transportation, disability supports, work experience, wage subsidies and equipment.
  • Skills Training for Employment – Young Adults at Risk – Are you a current or former youth in care or someone with a barrier to employment—unstable housing, incomplete high school, recovering from addiction, mental health challenges, or prior criminal justice involvement? Find out if this program can help you become employment-ready through skills training and support.
  • Skills Training for Employment – Survivors of Violence and/or Abuse – If you’ve fled a situation of violence and/or abuse and face barriers to employment, learn about this program for those who are unemployed or have insecure employment. The program provides skills training as well as employment support that can include counseling, mentoring, child care, transportation, disability supports, work experience, wage subsidies, and equipment.
  • BladeRunners Program – Discover this program that helps unemployed, at-risk youth prepare for and find employment.
  • Training for Indigenous Peoples – Find Government of Canada programs for gaining experience through an internship, summer employment, and other work/training opportunities.
  • Find Jobs – Learn skills that will help you draw attention in the job market: write a resume that stands out; ace your interviews; boost your networking skills, and tap social media in your job search.

Are you interested in starting or running a business? Grow your business skills with the programs and services featured in British Columbia’s Indigenous Small Business Resources guide (PDF).

The guide presents resources to support you through all aspects of business start-up and growth. You’ll find a quick reference guide for an overview of the start-up process, from initial planning to marketing your business.

Use the guide’s visual key to find the resources you need, whether advisory services, skills training, financing and loans, or mentorship support. Most of the organizations listed provide a range of services.

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